Backyard Olympics for your Up North Kids

The summer Olympics in Rio are around the corner, August 5 – 21. Celebrate with your kiddos a little closer to home with these fun and simple activities.

DIY Olympic Torch! Before any games can begin, the torch must be lit! Create your own torch for a relay using simple stuff you might already have at home. Use the torch to symbolically light your evening bonfire!

Olympic Arts & Crafts! A fun craft for the youngest to the oldest kids. Use paper, visit your nearest thrift store for a framed canvas you want to paint over or make Olympic uniforms on t-shirts!

Noodle Hurdles! What CAN’T pool noodles be used for?! Make adjustable hurdles for toddlers to teens in your back yard or at the park.

Hoola Hoop Hurdles!  An alternate to the Noodle Hurdles, these would be fun to try at a beach party!

Straw Javelin Throw! A perfect indoor activity using only straws and bowls, the straw javelin throw will pit moms against kids for the gold medal.

Olympic Rings Javelin Throw! Pool noodles are launched into Olympic rings in this fun javelin competition.