Rain, Rain Don’t Go Away!

Summer in Northern Michigan brings us such great opportunities to get to the beach and go fruit and veggie picking at our favorite farms. Gloomy, rainy days are going to come, though. Here are some fun ways to keep your kids busy if they’re stuck inside! Fair warning: a trip to your favorite “dollar store” may be in order before the rain arrives.

Crazy colander hats! Great for focus and toddler hand-eye coordination, the supplies for these crazy colander hats can be used over and over. My nearly-three-year-olds were super focused on getting the pipe cleaners through the holes. To my surprise, instead of making crazy hats they turned them into spiders! They were occupied for about ½ hour with this activity and then carried them around for another ½ hour. Probably best for toddlers & pre-schoolers.

Balloon ping pong! Super easy and the kids were actually excited to clean up all the toys on the floor before the fun could begin! Of course you’ll need to be cautious of the balloon residue as some of the balloons will pop – we even turned on the ceiling fan full blast to keep the balloon ping pong party lively! A larger space (i.e. the basement) is prudent for this activity since the kids are chasing balloons around without a care in the world, particularly oblivious to tables with corners. We played in a very small living room area without injury so use the space you have! Should be fun for all ages!

Blue Angel Flying School! Challenge your pre-teens to a Top Gun flying challenge. First they have to design and build a flight-worthy airplane and then they have to prove it’ll fly… straight. Keep track of the winners of each round on the target board and use it over and over again.

‘Laser field’ obstacle course! A roll of streamers (crepe paper) and a little masking tape and your older kids will be transformed into 007.

Giant tic-tac-toe! Some masking tape for the game board and paper plates for the game pieces and voila! A game perfect for a rainy day at home or if you’re stuck in a hotel room!

Dinosaur Egg Discovery! Who wouldn’t be curious to see what’s inside the mystery egg? This one takes some preparation before the rainy day – make a bunch and store them for future fun. It’s a basic salt dough recipe with a few additions you’re likely to have at home. Hide just about anything in the egg to keep them curious.